Walrus and the Carpenter

You know how Cas thinks I have a love/hate relationship with the Pacific Northwest? Well, it may be true. But, I will say that not being a time- and money-strapped grad student has certainly helped me to appreciate this area from a new vantage point!

I bring this up now, because I rarely had time to do frivolous things like…oh, go out to dinner…and when I did, I certainly chose the budget options (I ate so much pho!), places in the neighborhood (Wong’s and Wedgewood Grill come to mind), and since I had no time to date (or even consider it), a date spot like Walrus and the Carpenter was so far outside of the realm of consideration, that to go to Walrus and the Carpenter now feels like I am in a new city altogether or at least seeing it with new eyes! 

So, we went! We went early, it was 5:30 or so, and we didn’t have to wait for a table on a Friday night. We were super lucky and this is not normal and you should not expect this. 

They had nine types of local oysters on the menu, listed from sweet to briny. I got one of each. I discovered that I enjoy oysters that skew briny. Good to know. I think New England oysters must also skew briny as that was the taste I was most used to. Who knows for sure? Anyone?

I digress. 

We got a few other small plates, some bread, some wine…and ate it up like nobody’s business. It wasn’t particularly filling, we didn’t feel stuffed, which was fine because we meandered down the street for desert and to score some Blue Star coffee (my all time favorite). 

Walrus and the Carpenter feels bright and fresh from top to bottom–from the bright white tiles, to the white marble countertops, to the crisp wines, and raw fish. The high ceilings allow voices to carry and give it a noisy, lively feel. Plus, you will be seated very close to your neighbors. I have always thought it’d be a great date spot and, low and behold, we had at least two first dates on either side of us. I like the feeling of Walrus and the Carpenter. If you are the one who has a hard time hearing conversation in noisy spots or have a hard time navigating tight places, this might not be the best spot for you. 

It gets my vote and I’d go back. 

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