Walla Walla, Why Not?

Walla Walla is a conundrum. There were things we loved and things that we felt like wouldn’t work well for us right now…

One of our best and dearest friends lives in Walla Walla. She hosted us, made us feel like we were at home, and offered fun, relaxation and all of that delicious Eastern Washington Wine! Did you know that there is wine country in Washington? Well, the Walla Walla valley is where it is at!

We were enchanted by the charm of the quaint downtown filled with all tasting rooms and delicious restaurants all of which seemed to focus on local fresh foods. We loved the weather, too, with nearly 200 days of sunshine a year! We loved seeing how Jessica was clued into what was happening locally and was greeted like a regular wherever we went. All of that makes for the good life! 

As always, we worried about the likelihood of getting bored in such a small town. While there was a lot going on, a lot of the happenings were wine-related. That is not a bad thing in the short term, certainly not, but could get old after a while. Right? Maybe not. We do like wine! Plus, the teeny airport only has a few flights to Seattle a day. For our work-related travel, that would make things tricky. Living in Gallup and two hours away from the airport wore on Cas and we just can’t do that to the poor guy again. At least not until retirement. 

We stayed in Walla Walla for five glorious days. We only left because we had a house sitting job lined up. We could have stayed longer–if only to spend more time with Jessica. She is the best. 

So, where does that put Walla Walla? For now, Walla Walla made it into the top five! Can you believe it? YES! But, we will give the caveat that she got there in part because we haven’t visited all that many places yet. So, perhaps with time she will be knocked off of the list! 

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