Walla Walla Washington Restaurant Review

We went to a few more restaurants than this, but I decided that I would plan out your perfect day of eating. Of course, in between the eating, you should hit up the wineries. That is what Walla Walla is all about! 

Start your day at Jessica’s favorite: Maple Counter Let’s sum up their menu with local, local, local. The pancakes are so good–any maybe it is because they use, get this, fresh ground local flour! There is no shortage of options here. You will find something you like, even you the picky eater. I had the Northwestern Omelette which had smoked salmon it. I have missed the fresh seafood of the PNW! I will probably choose fish every chance I can get! Jessica had the indulgent Eggs Casey which was scrambled eggs over a croissant and topped with a creamy mushroom sauce. I am getting hungry writing this! They If you are too hungry for the inevitable breakfast wait, hit up the waffle truck next door!

All that wandering and wine tasting will surely make you hungry for lunch. Or at least a snack. Lucky for you, Olive has both! Cas and I spent the day working at the co-working space Emberfuel across the street and popped over for a quick lunch break. It was my first time using a co-working space…and I am not sure I am sold on the concept. Any thoughts on that, dear readers? Anyway. Olive. You can have your choice of snacks and appetisers if you are taking a quick break between wine tastings or a bigger meal. I had a rice + veggie + tofu bowl that was lovely–gingery and flavorful. Cas had what he called the best salami sandwich ever. High praise. We sat outside and loved people watching as we did. 

We had some wine and cheese one night at home…and let me tell you! The local cheeses from the Washington State University Creamery and Walla Walla Cheese Company perfectly rounded out our cheese board! We got this cheese/wine board for Jessica for her birthday and decided to fill it up appropriately to celebrate! Local somehow always tastes better!

Finally, on your perfect day, head to TMACS for dinner. We ended up going for a fairly early dinner and were lucky to get a spot…so do make reservations, friends. From what we gather, they revamped just about everything at TMACS and just recently reopened. You’d never know it. There wasn’t a single hitch or glitch. I enjoyed the veggie gnocchi. I always love when restaurants put some effort into making a good vegetarian option. I will eat just about anything, but do love some variety and something that is well flavored. This fit the bill. I cleaned my plate! Jessica had the lamb–a hearty portion that was enough for lunch the next day! The space is bright and airy! 

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