Village Books

Village Books, Fairhaven

Let’s talk about Village Books for a sec. Ok. First. They have two bookshelves that I want to tell you about.

The first is a bookshelf that has their best sellers. We had Where the Crawdads sing and Becoming, as, afterall, this is the summer of 2019 and that is what everyone seems to be reading. But, in the mix were three books about combating racism, books about places outside of the US, and a book about community building.

The second shelf featured the books for FOURTEEN local book clubs!!!

If I were the type to jump to assumptions about this town, as I am prone to do, I would guess that the town, based on the books it is reading, is a self-aware town that is trying to do right by the people who live here. What would you guess? I will bolster my proof by telling you that one of their book clubs is called Engaged Citizens. 

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