Let’s Boomerang Utah

A few summers ago, we went on an extended date with Utah and saw a bunch of the parks, hiked to our hearts content, enjoyed the rapids and rivers, and the great laid back vibe.

We liked it so much, we will go back for more! We’ve been to a bunch of the parks already, but sure want to complete the tour and maybe see Canyonlands, our favorite, again!

We also didn’t spend any significant time in Salt Lake City, so looking forward to that blind date. We love weird places. This we know. And Utah has no shortage of weirdness. Interesting fact, Utah is the most religiously homogeneous state in the country. Utahans also eat two times as much green jello as the rest of us do. It is illegal to walk down the street in Salt Lake City with a violin in a bag.

That Great Salt Lake is quite the tease though–We’ve heard that the water can pickle your tongue and make you think you swallowed a battery. And, if you actually go in, the salt corrodes the skin. Welp. That dashes that dream.

You know how we love places who love their people? Utah managed to decrease homelessness by 91% and was a national model. We like that. (The program IS struggling with a lack of funding these days–but the will is there!)

Anywhoo. We are looking forward to another rendezvous with Utah.

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