We landed at Upslope after bopping around to a few other breweries. And that bopping has NOTHING to do with the raving review I am about to give.

We loved our time at Upslope! It is a brewery in what otherwise is a stripmall. We won’t hold that against them, though.

The brewery had some good tunes playing, clearly regulars at the bar, and lots of games available. Who doesn’t like a good round of Settlers of Catan while drinking a few beers?

We were enjoying our second beer when two of the fellow patrons asked if I would be willing to help make the sign for the Douglas Fir Pale Ale that was being tapped that night. Would I?!?! Slap me silly, I was thrilled to help! I am no artist and my handwriting is so-so, but I committed myself to the task at hand and using the tools at my disposal, nubs of what were pieces of chalk, I made the most beautiful sign there ever was.

If you go, do try the Douglas Fir Pale Ale…and think of me. We also enjoyed the Citra Pale Ale and the IPA.

There are a few good breweries in the area–but none as good as Upslope! They are a certified B Corp, they donate to environmental causes, they compost, they donate what they can to local cattle owners, and their six-pack rings degrade. All in all, good beer, good people, good practices.


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