United States Virgin Islands–just waiting for us!

Well. There is so much that we can’t wait to talk about on our first date with the US Virgin Islands. There are four big islands and about 50 small ones. How fun is that? It is like getting 54 first dates in one!

What is not to like about the Virgin Islands? First, we are excited to see the National Park. We are excited for all that water! Cas is excited to do some flying in those parts. We’ve never lived on an island before, so sure are eager to try it out. Plus, the food we can eat on our dates! Conch fritters and Caribbean lobster, grouper and flying fish. We’ll also look for jerk chicken, roast pork, pepperpot, and goat stew on restaurant menus.

We should start thinking about all of the inquisitive and captivating questions we can ask during our first date because we sure are hoping for a second date already!

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