Truth or Consequences

Truth or Consequences is one of my favorite spots in all of New Mexico. It is teeny, it is sleepy, and it is out of the way. And it is totally worth a visit!

It was once known as Hot Springs, New Mexico because of the abundance of…you got it…Hot Springs!  There are ten, yes TEN, developed hot springs in the center of the town! You can follow a designated trail that leads you around town to access them all. My favorites are the ones at Riverbend Hot Springs and the ones at Sierra Grande! Why, you ask? Riverbend sits right along the Rio Grande. You’ll have a private tub that, while maintaining privacy, has one open wall that faces the river. It is beautiful. The Sierra Grande is nice, too. It is much smaller, they have 3 or so tubs as opposed to 10 or so at Riverbend, BUT the appeal here is that they have full spa services and a soak will come with your massage or with your hotel stay. 

Believe it or not, Hot Springs, NM, was renamed to Truth or Consequences after a 1950’s TV show. That fun fact helps to illustrate how quirky and free-wheeling TorC is! There is an aging-hippie vibe to the town, but there are a lot of efforts to keep young people in the town, too. For example, there are lots of events in town, a thriving Main Street counsel, and lots of local support for the arts. There is a feeling that you could make something really weird WORK in TorC. There is a group of young people who are trying hard to keep TorC funky, up the hip factor, and give young people outlets for their arts and creativity. I love it! 

You could spend your entire time hiking and soaking, or you could use TorC as a nice jumping off point for exploring Las Cruces, Elephant Butte, or Silver City. No matter how long you stay, don’t forget to support your local brewery! Truth or Consequences Brewing Co. draws all walks of life into the brewery. We were there (on purpose) for a few Democratic Party events, we went to hear a local band, and we went on a random afternoon. Each time we remarked on how happening of a place it was, given the size of the town. There are tons of events at the brewery, food trucks serving up delicious food (poutine!), and a pretty rad crowd. 

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