Trinity Brewery

We headed to Trinity Brewery as we were doing a little brewery hopping in Monument, CO. We’d been to Red Leg, Pikes Peak, and figured we’d hit the trifecta with Trinity!

Our bartender assured us that even though we popped in just 30 minutes before closing that we were welcome to hang out as the staff had at least an hour and a half of cleaning to do. He also offered us great suggestions as to where to go and what to do and was proud to be a Colorado Springs Native (and 5th generation at that!). 

Sadly, the beers didn’t live up to the service. I ordered an Oregon style (that’s a thing? Ok!) double hopped IPA and was crushed when it came to me completely flat. Flatter than a pancake. Cas tried the Flo IPA and found it to be slightly less than an average beer. IMHO, we found many better breweries in Colorado Springs–this one is worth a pass. 

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