The Wild Goose Meeting House

We’ve noticed a trend in Colorado that we are really digging. The coffee shop + spirits house. You can stay all day long and into the night! The Wild Goose Meeting House is a perfect example. Quality coffee served alongside of creative craft cocktails, beer, and wine. Plus. There is live music. What is not to like? It begs the question–does it belong in this category for us? Well, we say yes. And we run this website. 

The Wild Goose Meeting House is a cool spot, for sure. The front is entirely garage doors which, on the lovely summer night we visited, were wide open to allow for outdoor, indoor, and indoor/outdoor seating. They also feature community tables which featured people studying (it IS a college town!), journaling, spending time with friends and canoodling. We love places that bring a mix of people together–and The Wild Goose did just that. 

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