The Rabbit Hole

Well, this seems like the next logical spot to review given it’s mention in the Stir Review. The location is a selling point! The entrance is a simple door in the middle of the sidewalk that brings “subway station” to mind. You descend into a subterranean, stone walled, windowless space.

We sat at the bar (shocking), but appreciated how so many of the tables were situated in their own nooks and crannies. It felt private, secretive, and yet, still fun and social. The Rabbit Hole went with the Alice in Wonderland theme both in the wall decor (all done by local artists) and the menu–separated into Eat Me and Drink Me sections–they had drinks like “The Looking Glass” and the “White Rabbit”. Clever. We liked that it was a bit unusual, but again, were they trying too hard? Maybe. 

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