The Principal’s Office

So far, our favorite Colorado Springs bar has been the Principal’s Office. The Principal’s office is in the old Ivywild School that was built in 1916, closed in 2009, and re-opened in 2012 as a community hub with bars, a brewery, a few shops, and the Ivywild Kitchen. The entire “school” is amazing, but what makes it amazing is the quality establishments it holds. The Principal’s Office, first off, great name, has a prohibition-era vibe to it. This is what they say about themselves (LOVE!): “Where else but an actual Principal’s Office (true story!) would you find an eclectic crew cozied up and clinking glasses—from misfits and moms, outcasts and overachievers, to former captains of the chess team and current captains of industry. Everyone’s welcome at the P.O.”

At places like The Principal’s Office, where the menu is filled with their own creations, I like to ask for recommendations from the bartender based on what I am in the mood for. Their menu was filled with cleverly named drinks like “Hot for Teacher”, “Physical Education”, “Sadie Hawkins” and the like.  In any case, when I ask for a suggestion, I can try something new and not be guessing based on a list of ingredients. I told the bartender that I was in the mood for a Paloma (one of my go-tos). He asked if I’d be up for trying an off-menu recipe that he was working on. Um. YES! You know me so well, Bartender. He served up an amazing concoction and now I wish I’d either written down what was in it or written this sooner. Oh, my, it was good. He was trying out two versions of the a similar drink and for my second round, made it with slight differences. It was a mix of spirits from around the world. I suggested calling it the Carmen San Diego. Obviously. Hopefully we will see his delectable concoction on their menu soon!

We also have that bartender to thank for his recommendations for some of the best eats in Colorado Springs! 

The Principal’s Office is yet another one of the places that is both a coffee shop and a bar, we are really appreciating this new trend

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