The Odyssey

We stopped in to the Odyssey for dinner one evening after a nice long walk (that was threatened by afternoon rains the entire time!). We settled in and were delighted by their diverse beer offerings and hard-to-find selections. I had an Abita and Cas had a Bells! Off to a good start!

I had a roasted veggie sandwich that came in a pita. It was delectable. I love a good vegetarian sandwich and appreciate it when there is an effort to do more than spread some hummus on bread and top with lettuce, tomato, and onion. This fit the bill. With roasted zucchini, red peppers, and feta cheese topping…I was in heaven. Until I got to my chosen side–elote. I love some street corn and have made it myself and had lots of different varieties. If they were going for a smoky version, they missed the mark. Honestly, it tasted like someone dropped their cigarette butt into the vat and it stewed in there overnight. I took one bite, salted it, tried again and couldn’t continue.

Cas enjoyed his Cuban sandwich at The Odyssey, but rated the entire experience–from the service, to the vibe, to the food, average. At this point, given how much we’ve tried, we recommend the food, service, and beer at Cerberus over here. 

The Odyssey is a solidly average Gastropub in Colorado Springs. Nothing too bad, nothing to good about this place. You can do better Odyssey!

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