The Hotel Bar at The Broadmoor

Cas was in the mood for a sophisticated place. A place where Frank Sinatra could be found, with a martini in hand. An old school place. And by “old school”, I mean Ernest Hemingway, old. Where you could hear Earnest and his friend tell this story about when Ernest Hemingway was a first-time manager for a first-time matador–one of the greatest stories of all time. That’s what Cas was looking for and we were pointed to The Hotel Bar to find it. 

We enjoyed an Old Fashioned (for as much as Cas keeps surprising me, his drink choices rarely do!!) and some bubbles. Both hit the spot. The servers were on their A game, we even had the manager come to ensure that all was well in our cozy corner. It was a rainy night, so we only admired the outdoor seating around a roaring fireplace. True to the Hemingway vibe, there were several gents smoking cigars, in the rain, by the fire. 

The prices reflect the fact that the bar is inside of a five-star hotel, so do consider that as you plan your evening at The Hotel Bar at The Broadmoor. Likewise, a 20% service charge is included in the bill. 

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