A Classic Route 66 Bar: The 49er Lounge

The 49er Lounge is a place known for beer, fresh-squeezed margaritas and history. It is filled with western decor and friendly service that has satisfied the likes of a thirsty John Wayne after a long day in the West and thousands of motorcycle riders and travelers who have driven down America’s Highway.

The history of the bar is perhaps its strongest point. The 49er Lounge on Route 66 is not a place where you will have to wait in lines to order expensive drinks. Its a place where you can relive the old days when bartenders were friendly and where you could get a good strong drink after a long hard day.

Like Errol Flynn who rode his horse into the bar, when he wanted a drink, friendly service in a truly Western location is what the 49er Lounge serves up. Whether you just want to relax after a long day of traveling or relive the old days of another time, the 49er bar offers the perfect blend of the old west and the comforts of today and is guaranteed to serve a good drink at a reasonable price.

There are a number of events at the 49er Lounge throughout the year. Some of the more prominent events include biker rallys, pub crawls, and live music.

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