Stir is another one of these coffee shop meets cocktail lounge. Stir got it right. On every front. We went one evening and wanted to get some work done on the Dating America website (we are working for you!). We had our computers out which would be a cocktail lounge no-no, but here, it felt  just fine to have a glass of wine and work a little bit. It also would have felt just fine to have coffee and, if I had to bet, it also would have been fine to work at 10 am with a glass of wine. That is the kind of place it is. 

The service at Stir was out of this world, too. I was feeling a bit indecisive when looking at the menu and got a spot on recommendation from our server. He was both great at his job and clearly liked his work.  He made sure we were happy but with that perfect balance of being attentive but not overly attentive which may have made us feel like it was time to go. Do you know that balance? 

They are located in an old garage-turned-coffee shop and are in a corner of a parking lot. Oddly, that works for them! The design of the space allows for transitions from a day-time coffee shop vibe to a dimly lit cocktail lounge. They manage a vibe that is both plant-filled and hip-urban. Interestingly, the same owner owns Cork and Cask, The Rabbit Hole, and Stir. Of the three, Stir hit the mark for us while the other two seemed superficial and like they were trying too hard. 

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