Snow Goose Produce

We love tips as to where to go and what to do. Snow Goose Produce came highly recommended! Snow Goose is practically in our Mt. Vernon backyard, so we had to make a pit stop on our way back from a hike. 

Snow Goose looks like a modest roadside farmstand. It is. But it is beyond average. They sell their own home-grown produce and products from other local purveyors, including fish, meats, cheeses, and bread. We stopped in and picked up some honey, smoked salmon, blackberries, and a huge pumpkin (fall is in the air! I’ll make a soup!). We gobbled up the blackberries and salmon the next morning at breakfast. The price was, well, pricey. I certainly appreciate supporting local, organic farmers, so for occasional stops or for produce at the height of their season, it is worth it. Plus, my pumpkin…I wanted to make a Mozambican pumpkin soup and, low and behold, they sold dozens of species of pumpkin, including the ones found in Mozambique. I’ll shell out some money for that authenticity. 

While Snow Goose was highly recommended, we didn’t realize how well known they are for their ice cream. We weren’t hungry in the moment and even seeing the size of the scoops didn’t motivate us to stand in the very-long line. Hopefully, though, we will pass this gem again and be hungry enough to eat our weight in ice cream!

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