We had a few people recommend Smørbørd to us, so when we were headed out of town for a little road trip their open-faced sandwiches seemed just the fuel we needed! A Smørbørd sandwich is roggebrood rye bread topped with ingredients like smoked fish, veggies, roast beef, and/or sausage in the Scandanavian tradition. 

The service at Smørbrød was speedy, which is always a plus for a spot that is primed for a popular lunch spot. We each got one sandwich, the Oslo for me with smoked salmon, cucumber, and mustard creme fraiche, and for Cas’ the Lillehammer with roast beef, Jarlsberg, and pickles. In retrospect, I wish we had gotten one more and shared the three among us as

I was still a bit hungry at the end (granted, a busy morning meant that I accidentally skipped breakfast! The horror!).  Cas’, being European and all, noted that the roggebrod at Smørbrød was a bit dry around the edges and attributed it to poor storage–not in an airtight container. He called it a “rookie” mistake but expected more from a restaurant billing themselves as Scandanavian. I didn’t notice, but then again, have not eaten much roggebrod in my life–so who am I to say? 

It is worth stopping in–the ingredients were fresh, the service attentive, and the vibe Ikea. Plus, Smørbrød is right next door to the Goat Patch Brewery and there is a little pass-through window so you can order food to enjoy at the brewery! 

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