Ska Brewing

Somewhere out in Colorado, in the year nineteen hundred and ninety-five, two guys named Dave and Bill learned that while they loved gulping down good beer, they weren’t yet old enough to buy it. They figured an answer to their quandary would appear if they drank enough and listened to enough thinking music, also known as Ska.

Ska Brewing Beer Garden in Durango, Colorado

On the second Skaturday of Skatember it hit them. If they brewed their own beer they’d have all the beer they could ever want.

And while they were at it, why not brew the most magnificent suds ever quaffed in their neck of the woods… or any other neck for that matter and so Ska brewing came to be.


Bill, Matt and Dave

Ska Brewing has open sourced craft brewing!

“We didn’t start out buying a brewery from some ready-made “Here’s your awesome, super green brewery in Durango” kit. We started making beer in a kitchen because we were too young to buy it and we loved it. That’s what craft beer is, love. And we want to start something different where we can share our love of great beer with all you other home-brewing sud-lovers out there.”

“We’ll give you our recipes as long as you promise to try them, tweak them, thread about them and even send us some samples of your best batches. If you want you can ask our brewers some questions or just come on out to Colorado and have a few with us.”

Ska Brewing Company
225 girard street,
Durango, CO 81303
(970) 247-5792

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