Salt and Vine

Cas and I were exploring the towns around Mount Vernon while we lived there. You have gotten to know Cas while reading this site, sure, so you’ve probably come to realize that Cas loves a glass of wine and a cheese plate every now and again. Mount Vernon has the lovely Third Street Cafe and the selection of wine at the co-op, sure. But he wanted to explore a little further and found the delightful Salt and Vine in Anacortes. 

Salt and Vine, primarily, is a cute little wine and cheese shop. They have a wide variety of carefully curated wines and cheeses both skewing local. They also have four little tables where you can sit and enjoy a cheese plate and a glass of wine. Of course, I noticed that each of the four tables had a slightly different selection of cheeses on their plates. 

The owner was there–and he is a person who clearly loves his job. He made sure that everyone was satisfied, allowed folks to pick whatever bottle they wished to drink without a corkage fee and allowed the partially consumed bottles to go home with his patrons. 

If you are in Anacortes, this spot is definitely worth a stop. 


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