Pilchuck Trail

We love using the AllTrails app for hikes when we are in new or unfamiliar places. The app allows you to set certain parameters for your hike–distance and ease, for example. One fine Sunday, I picked the Pilchuck Trail in Stanwood. It is an 8.2 mile out-and-back trail that was rated as moderate. 

The hike wove through a gorgeous forest. We went on a weekend and still saw very few other people; it felt a little like our very own forest. You can stay on the main trail, which is fairly wide, or choose any number of small spurs if you’d like a smaller trail or to accumulate more miles. 

Best of all, at the point where you turn around is a clearing with sweeping views of the sound and a beautiful sculpture…perhaps a spot for a picnic or a wedding! Nevertheless, it is a fantastic grand finale!

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