Penny for your thoughts, Pennsylvania?

Caitlyn here. Pennsylvania, will you take me back? I loved living in Philadelphia.

I loved how each neighborhood has its own vibe. I loved how great the food and music scenes are. I loved how walkable you are and how much there is to do. Will you have a thrupple with me and Cas?

We are really excited about the prospect of Philadelphia. It has that northeast vibe we love so much, you can see the water from, like, three sides. Great breweries, great book stores, I loved the farmer’s market in my neighborhood, AND there is the Reading Terminal Market, too. Alo Brasil is just about my favorite band in the world to dance to (And OHMYGOSH, what if the band broke up?!?!).  The murals make me swoon; I have a serious thing for Jane Golden. The White Dog Cafe is the bees knees (I also have a serious thing for Judy Wicks).

I am so excited to introduce Cas to Philly.

Philadelphia is the city of love. There is LITERALLY a statue for love in the center of town. We love you, Philly. Will you love us back?

We are also going to hop over to Pittsburgh, too, because that is where Mr. Rodgers is from. There is so much cool art happening in Pittsburgh. Plus, they are super into waffles, and that could be our thing. We dunno. Who knows if waffles are really our thing. That’s why you sometimes have to date someone who is super into something weird, cuz maybe it is your thing and you never even knew it. So, waffles?

And, my dad is from Pittsburgh. And aren’t you always supposed to date someone like your dad?

We are pumped. Pennsylvania has a lot to offer! Can’t wait.

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