Our Breakup with Denver, Denver is the one that got away

We broke up with Denver for logistical reasons and logistical reasons alone. We’d like to keep in touch with Denver and maybe when the timing is right we can try dating Denver again. If she’ll have us. 

Denver was our third stop (after Durango and Boulder). Believe it or not, even with our pre-departure list of 150 places we were going to stop, Denver wasn’t on the list. It wasn’t until we were in Boulder that Cas said, nonchalantly, “You know, if we were to live anywhere in Colorado, I’d bet it would be Denver”. It was at that moment that we made the decision to leave Boulder early (Boulder was not our type and we realized it after day one) and head for Denver.

We loved it. We enjoyed the tension of being in a blue city in a puple-ish state.  Colorado is a fascinating place to be right now–with lots of vocal activists and a huge portion of state income coming from solar, for example.  We also enjoyed seeing how Denver is growing and how they are grappling with that growth. Cas, in particular, appreciates how much of the boom is related to technology–birds of a feather, you know? We do worry about the rising cost of housing in Denver and a lack of affordable housing with all of this population growth. The median apartment is $1500 a month! Ouch. 

In the pro column, we also loved all of the spaces that encourage people to hang out and chat with their neighbors: food halls, breweries, dog parks, and coffee shops abound. We loved how walkable it was and how people were keen to strike up a conversation. And the outdoors, the great outdoors, at our fingertips! There are hiking, biking, swimming, camping options aplenty all of which would make for a great place to live. 

In the con column, in addition to how expensive it is, is around its lack of diversity. Almost 77% of the city is white. We appreciate, as we’ve mentioned, diversity–it is what makes this country great. 

We also left feeling like we didn’t even cover a fraction of what Denver has to offer. We didn’t make it to Red Rocks, we didn’t go to Larimer Square or see the Art Museum, or go take a sniff at the Botanic Gardens. All things on our to-do list! 

So, why did we leave? Well, we got a too-good-to-pass-up house sitting job in Colorado Springs and had to mosey a little further south. For now, Denver is Number 1 on our list of places we’d like to live. We might just come back!

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