Oh me, oh my oh, Look at Miss Ohio

Ohio is one of those states that we think might surprise us. Ok, ok, we have a Northeast bias. We know.

But, Ohio, has seen a growing population lately and some pretty cool city revitalization efforts. Plus, the socialists in us loves how Ohio has been a leader in tackling the opioid crisis and taking care of its people. Nerd crush? Maybe so.
Our first stop is Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We hear good things about the 3Cs (no one calls them that): Columbus, Cleveland, and Cincinnati. We are also going to give Toledo a whirl since it is on just about every list of affordable places to live in the US. We hear good things about that chili. And we plan to have a beer at these fine establishments:

What else should we know about? Where should we go? What should we see? Who lives there–we’ll need a friend!


  1. Chappy Reply

    How about Dayton. We’ll meet you there!

    • Caitlyn Bradburn Reply

      You will? Promise? Ok. It is added to the list! Thanks for the hot tip! Now–what is there to do and see in Dayton?

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