Noble Riot

Home Grown. Hand Made. Honest. The owners of Nocture, the jazz club, opened a wine bar next door, called the Noble Riot. If you love good food, honest wines, genuine hospitality and a bit of mayhem, Noble Riot is the place for you (and us!)!

We went here twice. That’s right, with all of Denver’s offerings, we liked it so much, we went twice! The first evening Scott, with the help of Joel indulged us with a selection of several very nice rosés before we went to Nocture for an evening of fine jazz and good food.

After hopping all over town, awe ended up at Noble Riot again! This time, our bartender Troy took us on another Tour De Rose. This is the kind of place we’d frequent if we end up in Denver!

The folks at Noble Riot also publish a little ‘zine that serves as the menu, too. In this month’s ‘zine, they remind us about the best parts of drinking wine…

But it’s easy to forget the very best thing about wine, which has about a thousand good things about it…
It’s fucking fun.

It can be worthy of awe and it can be pounded on a porch. So let’s share those highbrow and lowbrow times together shall we? We’ll always have more information about the wines we serve when you want to know more… wine tends to become more interesting when you drink at least a little with your brain. So let’s be classy when class is called for and then let’s fuck some shit up the rest of the time. Keep it noble and keep it riotous!

Yeah, that about matches our sentiment about drinking wine, too.

For bonus points (Do you know how much I love word play?) Noble Riot is a play on “Noble Tot,” the Bortrytis Cinerea fungus at the basis of high alcohol content dessert wines!

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