Newsletter July 2019

Dear Fellow Travelers, 

About a month ago, we set off on our adventure to Date America! Our adventure serves one goal: to figure out where we should live next. 

We have both traveled extensively; we’ve both been to all 50 states and, combined, have been to 60 or so countries. We’ve also lived in so many different places. Cas has moved 50 times and Caitlyn has moved 17 times. You’d think we’d know what we want! 

Yet, a year ago, when we started thinking about life after Gallup, we were indecisive. Cas suggested a roadtrip to spend about two or three months in 5 potential cities. When we plotted our trip along a map, cities along the way with amazing potential caught our attention. Potential mates that we couldn’t pass up! Once we embraced a more loosey-goosey attitude about this, our list of places to explore burgeoned to about 150! Over the course of our year of planning, we added cities and towns as we read about them in the newspaper, as they popped up on “Best Places To Live” lists, and upon recommendation of friends and family.  

We don’t have many “rules” about Dating America. We’d like to be as spontaneous as possible while still trying to housesit as much as we can. We are devoted to acting on suggestions of, well, just about anyone. You. A bartender. A fellow hiker. There is no timeline and no deadline. 

We aim to send insider-updates out about once a month. What would you like us to write about? Do you want to know about our favorite spots for your travel planning? Do you want to know about the logistics of all of this? Are you considering traveling longer term and want some guidance? Let us know and we will be happy to deliver what you want! 

Happy Trails, 

Caitlyn + Cas

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