These streets will make you feel brand new…New York

You go to study abroad. You are looking forward to self-exploration and wide-eyed wonder at the world. And then, you meet HIM.

That mature, worldly guy, who speaks with a dead sexy accent. He is a poet and a dreamer with a constant sparkle in his eyes. His hair is always tousled. He might even shyly play the guitar while singing songs he wrote for you. He suggests waking up to watch the sun rise, riding the ferry to an unknown spot, and taking the long way home. He knows the scene. He IS the scene. He knows what it is to suck the marrow out of life.

That guy….that’s New York.

We can’t wait for a few dates with New York. We fear, like almost every study abroad fling, that it will be no more than a fling. Sigh.

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