Show us your stuff, Missouri?

We are ready for the Show-Me state to show us what she’s got!

Given that Missouri has an official dessert of the state, which happens to be the ice cream cone, which happens to be Cas’ favorite food of all time makes Missouri worth a first date–for ice cream at All Aboard Ice Cream in Joplin (said to be the best in the state)!

We might have a second date to try that world famous Toasted Ravioli, another thing Missouri is famous for.

And, after those two dates? You tell us!


  1. Chappy Reply

    Why visit a State that wants to limit a woman’s choice?

    • Caitlyn Bradburn Reply

      That is exactly why Alabama is out of the running. We are both activists, though, so maybe we can help to move the needle back to a place of reproductive justice. Power to the people.

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