Have we been missing out on Mississippi?

Mississippi doesn’t have a LOT to offer us, but what she is offering is pretty awesome. The World’s Largest Rocking Chair, the Abita Mystery House, and the Gulf Islands National Seashore!

Alas, Mississippi, these things make for a nice date or two, but what do you have that might make us want to go steady?

Ah….we know! You have the Blues Highway! Caitlyn has been wanting to go to Clarksdale, Mississippi, forever….Fooooooooever. So, now is the chance. We are so ready to listen to some great music, make our way from one show, and mosey from one venue to the next.

But, that makes want to go out with Mississippi for a while. But settle down? What does Mississippi have that would make us want to settle down?

Perhaps one of our faithful readers would like to set us up on a Date with Mississippi? We aren’t so sure we want to go out with a state that officially ratified the 13th amendment in 2013. 2013. You read that right.

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