Come for the culture, stay because our car won’t start?….Minnesota

Minnesota is home to another hard-to-reach National Park: Voyageurs. We aren’t even quite sure how to get there. Do you…do you drive over the frozen lake? That is what it looks like. But, is that right??

We’ve never ever seen the northern lights. We’ve never had a Juicy Lucy. We’ve never had a hot dish IN Minnesota. We’ve never had beers from any of the breweries on our list. So, we are up for all of the new experiences that Minnesota can offer.

We are also keen to date Minneapolis, too. Yes, please, we would love be represented by Ilhan Abdullahi Omar. Minneapolis has a great food scene, great music scene (hello, PRINCE!), and has that diversity we love so much. We hear that there is a monthly PUN contest in the Twin Cities–if that doesn’t have Cas’ name written all over it, we don’t know what does!

For all that is awesome about Minnesota, it has also been called “another Siberia, unfit for human habitation.” Everyone has the right to their opinion. But that is a STRONG opinion that is, frankly, kinda a turn off. So, Minnesota, give us your best shot. We are ready for you.

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