Midtown Grill

To set the stage, we went to the Midtown Grill when we were waiting to move into our Colorado Springs housing. We chose it, literally, because there was parking immediately in front so we could see our car which was packed to the gills with our stuff. So, when you consider that as our criteria for a decent dinner, this fit the bill. 

The food was standard, cheap bar food. We were there for Taco Tuesday and, as a taco lover, these did not pass muster. These tacos would not be allowed in a New Mexico bar. But, if you are just there for some cheap beers, good specials, and some friendly conversation, it’s your place. The owner recently revamped and renovated the space, taking it from an oyster bar to its current incarnation. The remodeling and reopening was recent, so perhaps they will iron out some kinks and become a Colorado Springs staple like it seems the oyster bar was. 

Our quick take: If you are in that neighborhood and want food, go to Streetcar 520 instead. 

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