We love Michigan…you could say we are s-mitten.

We are game to try anything. Like Michigan. Our bias makes us think that Michigan might not be the one for us….there is a town named Hell, Michigan, after all.

But, we also think that Michigan might surprise us. There is also a town called Paradise, Michigan. Michigan is only second to Alaska in miles of shoreline. If we are looking for water, se should be looking at you, Michigan. Cherry Capital of the world? Look to Michigan. The birthplace of Paul Bunyan? Michigan (Minnesota also makes this claim, but who is keeping score?) Who do we have to thank for the weekend? Michigan.

We are excited about Isle Royale and Mackinac island. We are not sure what a pasty is, but we will give it a try, maybe with a Bell’s beer on the side.

We are also curious to spend some time in Detroit–part of our interest in Dating America was to appreciate how much has changed in this country. There are few places that have changed quite as much as Detroit over the years.

What do you think about Michigan? Is Michigan a contender? What are we missing? What might help change our mind about Michigan?

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