Loyal Coffee

Loyal coffee might have been the best coffee we had in Colorado Springs and many smaller outfits serve their coffee, too. They are a cooperative-barista-owned and operated and roast their own beans at their Ivywild Site (we wrote about the awesome Ivywild School! Read more here if you’ve missed it!). 

Loyal Coffee is famous for their toasts but we didn’t arrive with an appetite. Next time! The aesthetic is calming; they use mostly whites, balanced with woods, rope, and modern brass features. It feels both classic and modern. They welcome people to sit and stay awhile, even with an open laptop.

We really dig how so many companies feel a responsibility to their community and to the neighborhood in which they sit. Loyal is no different. Only one con, and it was from Cas. The music was on the louder side and only a few people were talking, so he found it harder to concentrate there than other places.

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