Jemez Springs

Jemez Springs pops up, seemingly out of nowhere as you drive along the road. You make one turn in the mountains, and pop, there she is! And, there she goes. Don’t blink or you’ll miss this tiny town of 350 people!

The draw to Jemez are the hot springs! So many hots prings! A geyser erupted in the center of town in 1860 and, ever since then, people have been coming to Jemez to experience the healing (or at least relaxing) powers of the springs. 

We headed to the Jemez Hot Springs right in town. The springs there are developed and there are amenities like showers and toilets and drinks for purchase. In and around town are other springs you can hike to for a more rustic experience. We were there in the middle of the winter and didn’t really like the idea of hiking back wet on a snow-y night. But, a hot soak that we could follow-up with a a change of clothes in the locker room, yes, please. Perfect for a winter night. 

Jemez Springs

After our soak, we headed to Los Ojos for some dinner and a few beers. There were two regulars who were playing some music and invited my friend, Lindsey, to borrow a guitar and sing along. It was one of those moments where you find yourself wondering…could I live in Jemez, this teeny tiny town, and come here every night? 

We stayed at the Casa Blanca guest house. It felt like a retreat. We were tucked away from the street. The guest house was on a slight wooded hill and the gurgling stream below provided the perfect soundtrack for a good night’s sleep. It is also, incidentally, owned by the potter-mayor so she can offer a lot of insight into the area. 

Do make a stop–perhaps as you explore the Jemez Scenic Byway? There is not too much around Jemez, but there are gorgeous hikes and beautiful drives…and the kind of enchantment that New Mexico is famous for.  A hot tip from our friend, Lorelei–Fishing! She tells us that the rivers in and around Jemez are great for fishing and they even stock the rivers with trout! Check out this link for more info on getting permits and fishing limits.

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