Jack Quinn

Jack Quinn’s was our first choice as it seemed like a Colorado Springs establishment and seemed like the kind of community-centered place that we so missed in Gallup. It proved to be both of those things! 

Jack Quinn’s has live music five times a week and, amazingly, they do not just rotate through a small group of performers. When we looked, they had only a few repeat bands through the life of their schedule, four months in advance! So, you can keep coming back and never get bored! 

We were also drawn to Jack Quinn’s for the weekly running club. Beer and running. Two of my favorite things. Runners set off on Tuesday evenings from Jack Quinn’s for a scenic, yet downtown, riverside loop that brings you back to the pub for free food and their great beer offerings. The run is fully volunteer organized with a few sponsors–it is just what we’ve been looking for!

I hate to say it, since Jack Quinn’s is so awesome in every other way, their food wasn’t great. It is an Irish Bar, so go for the Jameson and Guinness and enjoy the fact that there are great restaurants in the vicinity. 

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