Hellbent Brewing Co

We are staying in Lake City for two weeks and are determined to learn at least a little bit about this part of the city! We went for a gloriously long walk around the neighborhood and along Lake Washington came home and headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week. 

We acted spontaneously and popped into Hellbent Brewery for a pint before heading to the grocery store. We truly had our exercise gear on and grocery bags in hand. And, still, felt at home. That is one of the great things about Seattle, just how casual it is–you can fit in anywhere! 

Anyway, the Sounders were playing and it was nicely full for the early evening on a Sunday. We also noted the sign advertising the nightly food trucks and Cas remarked that we could go there every single night we are in Lake City and not get bored. 

The service was great-friendly and attentive–and the beer was really good. If not for the grocery store stop, we would have gotten some beer to go. 

So, in summary, our review is that we could go there every night. If that doesn’t tell you that it is quality beer in a lovely environment and with lovely people, I am not sure what would convince you. 

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