Hellllllooooooo Hawaii

Caitlyn was on a mission to visit all 50 states. We went to Hawaii, the grand finale of her mission, on her 37th birthday. We spent a weekend and it felt like we barely got our toes wet!

That trip seemed like a teaser for all that Hawaii has to offer. The parks alone–Volcanoes and Haleakalā–look breathtaking! Can’t wait to sweat our way up to enjoy those views!

We love us some Poke…and there is so much more Hawaii has to offer! Like Shave Ice, Malasada, and Spam musubi. Have you heard about Kimi Werner? Caitlyn might be slightly obsessed. Read this and you’ll see why.  If there is a date that would end all dating, it would be at one of her elusive dinners.

We’re down to see what’s up with Maui Brewing Company, Kaua’I Island Brewery, Kona Brewery, Big Island Brewhau, and Lanikai Brewing Company. We are both into coffee (one of us more than the other–and if you know us, you know who we are talking about), so taking a peek at some of the big coffee farms sounds like our cup of tea. Wait. What?

What other perks and attractions or food should be on our radar? Fill us in, friends!

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