Goat Patch Brewing

We played a little game of trivia at Goat Patch and came in a solid second-to-last place. Granted, we didn’t get there in time for the first question …so…Anyway.

My competitive side aside. We love that Goat Patch a is so invested in the community. If you buy the It Takes a Tribe red ale, they will donate a dollar to one of two charities. The charities rotate each year. They also host weekly “Bleating Heart” nights and welcome a local organization to showcase what they do in the community.

And. They have food trucks.

The Goat Patch got this spot mostly because they don’t suit our palate. We are not big fans of fruity beer which is a specialty of theirs. The IPAs and APAs don’t quite measure up to the first four on this list, but they certainly make up for it with their terrific community efforts! 

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