Foodie Tour in Edison

We take suggestions VERY seriously. So seriously in fact that when we got a suggestion to head to Edison, Washington, we went the very. next. day. 

  • We hit up sweet Tweets for breakfast on our way to Bellingham. Don’t let their website, last updated in 2012 concern you. They are open (albeit on Friday and Satuday). Alive. And well. And delicious. We went on a Saturday morning and weren’t sure if we’d need a reservation (No), if there’d be a wait (10 minutes), or if we’d even get a table given its popularity (We DID!). They usher you in to order at the counter. Then, you find your spot and they’ll bring you your food. This model (plus no breakfast booze), keeps things moving. The menu focuses on local offerings and is changed on a weekly basis depending on what the farmers are selling. They had, maybe, a dozen or so offerings written on the chalkboard below the register. I LOVED that we drove past many of the farms that supply the restaurant. It is THAT local. Raven Farm, Bow Hill Blueberries, Harmony Fields, Murphy Farm — they are all there! Apparently, they even source from the owners own garden, too. We each got the breakfast sandwich. A delightful mix of egg, cheese, and, for Cas, ham, served atop a croissant. With a side salad. I couldn’t even finish it and was happy to have an afternoon snack! Have I sold you yet? If not. I will say, lastly, that it is just about the cutest place you can imagine. So, go for the food, the locavore flavors, and the cuteness. You won’t regret it. 
  • While in Edison, we also popped into Breadfarm for a loaf to go. We got the Chuckanut multigrain. OHMYGOODNESS it is so good. We have been enjoying it toasted with a smear of butter. It is great bread without needing anything else. I was a little too hesitant to ask for a bit of their starter, but they, like us, bake bread with a wild yeast which means keeping that starter alive. The more diversity you can get in your starter the better–which is why I love collecting starter from different places/people! Next time! If you haven’t gathered, this area values the connection to their farmers. The ingredients are sourced locally for a fresh, delicious treat of a loaf!

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