Flyers Brewery

We found some breweries in the Skagit Valley where the customers would keep us away, where the servers would keep us away, and where the beer would keep us away. Sometimes in various permutations of those factors.

Flyers, though, had customers and servers that would keep us coming back and nd beer that was decent enough to allow the other two factors to prevail.

And a killer playlist.

And it overlooks a teeny little airport with fun little planes. 

So, win-win for me (the playlist) and Cas (the airport).

If we thought that other places saw us as unwelcomed outsiders, we were given the opposite feeling at Flyers.  We were warmly welcomed, taken care of, and even had a few nice, albeit short, conversations with our server and other patrons. We were even invited to come back for an upcoming event. Like a specific invite to a specific event, not some lackluster, non-specific “come back some time” invite.

We never did return, though. With a limited time in the Valley and a mission to complete our Passport, alas, we never returned. But we would have. 

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