Ah, Fiddlers. I have so many fond memories of Fiddlers. It was a mere stone’s throw away from where I used to live in Seattle. We didn’t go all that often, but it made for a perfect outing with 2/4th of my roommates (i.e. my very best friends!). I remember performing so poorly at trivia with Jessica that we convinced them to give us a free round out of sympathy…and they agreed! 

Plus, as you might suspect from the name, they have fiddler’s come and play. Really good fiddlers from around the world. It is remarkable. You kinda have to pay attention to know when the fiddlers will be there, but the good thing is that this place is always great. They always have a terrific list of rotating local taps. The food is really good, too, especially considering that they make it in a teeny little corner of the joint. 

Now, I get it, the beauty of a neighborhood bar is that it is in your neighborhood. I get that you are reading this and thinking “I am not going all the way to Wedgewood for a beer I can get a block away”. For you, I say, come for the fiddlers! And maybe you will decide to stay. Or come back. At least try. 

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