Durango Joes

At Durango Joes we care about people. From our customers to the farmers growing the coffee we serve—and everyone in-between—we believe in treating everyone with respect, care, and dignity. That’s why we source exclusively fair-trade coffees, offer healthcare benefits and leadership training, and serve legendary coffee with legendary service. Everything we do, every step of the way, is geared towards the people involved! Choose coffee that cares. It tastes better that way.

Everyone deserves a smile, a warm greeting, and a great cup of coffee!

Durango Joes

I quoted Durango Joes website, above. We grabbed a quick cup of coffee here this morning, so congrats Durango Joes you made it into our Top 5!

I must say though, the coffee was ok and the atmosphere is little Starbucks like, nothing bad at all but there are better coffee shops in Durango we have found.

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