First date with the first state! Delaware:

Caitlyn has so many lovely memories of spending time on the beaches of Delaware and thoroughly enjoying a Dogfish Head tour. Cas has only fuzzy memories of a work trip there–

So Delaware has the challenge of not only winning our hearts but being, well, memorable. He also has never had scrapple, he’s never even heard of it, and thinks even the name (without a description) “sounds disgusting”. Delaware, seems you have a battle ahead of you to win over Cas.

We are excited at the prospect of walking from one side to the other…a whopping 35 miles at its widest! The state insect (yes, a state insect) is the ladybug, which is just delightful. Did you know that Bob Marley even lived in Delaware! And, your final fun fact, the world’s biggest frying pan? It’s in Delaware (and 5 other states)!  

So, Delaware, we are ready for our first date!

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