Colorado Mountain Brewery

I very rarely will order a hefeweizen. But I did at Colorado Brewing Company. It was so refreshing on a hot summer day. I also love flights. If you know me at all, you know that I love trying new things. Beer is no different. So, I ordered up my usual flight, this time of their six flagship beers, and was surprised to find that I prefered the Hefe over all the others. The other choices were good, too, but the Hefe stood out! 

We were headed to the nearby Regal Theater to watch This Changes Everything and decided to stop at the brewery before the movie to do some work while enjoying a beer. The brewery lacks some of the personality of our favorite breweries. It feels more like an Applebee’s than it does a local brewery. If you recall from your other reading on this site, breweries are, in some ways, a proxy for us for a tight-knit community. We never feel “community” at chain restaurants like Applebees, so it was hard to feel that here, either. 

We’ve also mentioned it before, but it is applicable here, too, that Colorado Springs is a military-centered town.  The “story” behind the name or style of many of their beers relates back to the Air Force or armed forces in general. I don’t like feeling like I am participating in the military-industrial-complex when I am drinking a beer. It also irks me that I feel like I have to add the caveat that I love our country. I am patriotic. I support the military. But, don’t they deserve more respect than cheapening them and their experience by commercializing their service? Maybe it is just me. 

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