Colorado broke up with us

Colorado….we might have ended things too soon! 

We loved living in Colorado for the summer. As a whole, Colorado gave us what we wanted. We recovered from a stressful time in Gallup and enjoyed the small town charm of Durango. We had a values-defining-experience of living in Springs that gave us important insight into what we want and don’t want. And we sure did have a lot of fun in Denver. 

We tried to make the most of every minute and for the most part, we succeeded. We ate, we drank, we hiked, we ran, we make merry. We had a few unexpected bumps in the Colorado road that took our attention (like unexpectedly having to buy a new car) and took us out of the state (like having to register said car in New Mexico).  So, regretfully, we did not make it to all of the places of our list or to a few places that friends suggested for us. The way we see it, that un-finished to-do list is a call to return. We’d like to explore northern Colorado–like Ft. Collins. We also missed a few of the breweries we intended to go to (how did THAT happen?!) and failed to make it to some of the weird roadside attractions we hoped to pass by. 

We don’t mind leaving a few things on the table as it leaves Colorado as an option. And, as we’ve always said, it is a good idea to leave your options open. We love that Colorado is rated as one of the happiest and fittest states in the US. We love that Colorado has essentially one brewery per person (ok–I exaggerate, but STILL there are a LOT).  

If we were to close the books on Colorado today, we’d put Denver at the top of our list of places we’d like to live. We’d put Durango at the top of places we’d like to live in a different time of our lives. We love Colorado, but are happy to be moving on to Washington! 

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