City o’ City

I’ve missed vegetarian restaurants. Really, really missed them. We had a tough time finding healthy foods while eating out in Gallup–with an abundance of fried foods, meat-heavy foods, and New Mexican cuisine, a restaurant like City o’ City was a welcome reprieve from smothered burritos. They are open early and stay open til late. So, no matter what you’re jonesing for, a latte, lunch, a beer, they’ve got you covered. They try to use local produce whenever they can and even grow some on site! Amazing. 

It was busy on the Saturday when we went. There was about an hour-long wait for tables, but we were able to sit at the bar immediately. If you go, there may be a wait, so don’t go when you are ravenous! Our server also gave us options to choose vegan alternatives, which was considerate of her, but we opted for the dairy cheese (the reason I could never be vegan!). 

If you go, it is right near Hudson Hill Coffee! We loved sipping coffee there and wandering over to City o’ City for some lunch. 

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