Cerberus Brewing

 Cerberus Brewing Co. was recommended over and over again that I am surprised that it took us so long to get there, in fact, we visited 9 breweries before going to the best! Maybe that has something to do with why we appreciate it so much! 

The beers at Cerberus Brewing Co. were excellent. They seem a little bit rock and roll and aren’t afraid to experiment a bit. They have lots of things we love: loads of outdoor seating, games, communal tables inside, and an outdoor smoker. The customer service was top notch, friendly and attentive.

We had great food–Tofu banh mi and lamb sliders. And the beer. Oh The beer. We tried the Thread of Life, the Tiny Umbrella Party, and the Teenie Tiny Umbrella Party.

All were well balanced and easy to drink. 

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