Saving California for Last!

Our quest to Date America is a quest to figure out where we want to live. Our list of essentials is not too crazy.

We are looking for a good farmers market. Well, the country’s BEST farmers market is the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. Which is on the water. And surely there is a book store and brewery in Santa Monica. And, ladies and gentlemen, this is why we are saving California for last on our journey; we are afraid that Dating America would be seriously short-lived if we started in the Golden State. California grows half of the country’s produce–there has got to be farmers markets up the wazoo in California!

California also has the appeal of the great outdoors, we are excited to head to the National Parks!

Neither one of us has been to Channel Islands, Kings Canyon, Lassen Volcanic, Redwood, or Sequoia. Hello National Parks!! Anyone have a camping recommendation for the Channel Islands? They look almost otherworldly and we can’t wait to explore this nearby get-away.

From what we can gather, the characteristic California foods are Mission Burritos, In-and-Out Burgers, and a Baja Fish Taco. Can you believe that Caitlyn has never had an In-and-Out experience? What is the best thing to order, in YOUR humble opinion?

We had to seriously whittle down the beer list. So far, we plan to hit up:

Fight us on our choices. Please.

We are also excited about City Lights Bookstore, Zzyzx (not a type-o!), and Catalina. For real on Catalina–Caitlyn had never heard of it and Cas is excited about their “airstrip in the sky”. Plus, we love avocados. And wine.

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