Building Three Coffee

We had lunch at neighboring Smørbørd and headed over to Building Three Coffee for more fuel for our drive. 

In doing a bit of research to write this…I found that the owners of Building Three Coffee, who moved to the Springs to work on one of the military bases, felt called by God to start a coffee shop. They also have church services in their coffee shop and do fundraisers for local organizations. And one of those organizations is an anti-choice organization that links women to “pregnancy resource centers”. The problems with crisis pregnancy centers are many. If you aren’t familiar with the issues around them, here is a primer!

And if you want education with a side of comedy and outrage, John Oliver took on Crisis Pregnancy Centers, too (and the organization, which I refuse to name or link to, is featured). 

The other current organization for whom they are fundraising is a religiously-oriented addiction counseling service. I take issue with that, too! Here is a short list of my issues with tying religion to social services:

Our travel IS political. It IS personal. How we spend our money should be in line with our morals. I wish these efforts were made more front and center. would not have bought my coffee there and feel duped into inadvertently spending money to support organizations that I oppose.

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