Brooklyn’s On Boulder

We wandered from The Wild Goose Meeting House around the corner to Brooklyn’s on Boulder. They are so close that they share a kitchen. We were there on a bit of an off night. Ok, ok. It was the 4th of July. We couldn’t really stomach the Ra-Ra-America sentiment at some of the festivities around town. So, what better place to go than a speakeasy? There were a few industry folks having an after-shift drink, the staff, and us. It turned out to be pretty fun! From helping one of the bartenders with her resume to sampling a new…what was it?…something akin to Campari that they are distilling…we had a lovely evening! 

Brooklyn’s On Boulder plays up the speakeasy concept in that you have to enter from the street into their haberdashery, ring the doorbell, and be welcomed in though another doorway.  The cocktails were creative and really well done and all based on the Lee Distillery booze. Brooklyn’s is essentially the tasting room for the distillery. Cas had his usual Old Fashioned, which he always says is the simplest drink that people always mess up. And was pleased. Cas’ Old Fashioned score usually stands up–if the bar makes a good Old Fashioned, everything else is good, too.  

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